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Journey Map is our publication and podcast. We share thoughts and observations on designing products and growing companies. Our first 5 episode series is available below with new episodes coming soon.

Brand or Bust

Wealthsimple’s Design Director, Tom Creighton, on aligning your brand, product, and marketing from day 1

What do design sprints, dates with coworkers and tacos have in common?

Interview with FreshBooks UX Designer, Eric Puigmarti

How to survive complex sales cycles as a startup

We interview the CEO of EssayJack, Dr. Lindy Ledohowski.

Vicki Saunders on raising a billion dollars of venture capital for female entrepreneurs

In this episode of the Journey Map podcast, we sat down with Vicki Saunders to talk about the current state of venture capital and her Radical Crowdfunding model.

Selling SaaS to giant enterprise clients, with Aaron Carr

In this episode of the Journey Map Podcast, we talk about how to sell a SaaS product to enterprise clients, getting them to pay for your iterations, and Montreal’s Taco Renaissance.