Soshal Group Inc. launches digital experience design agency, Craft&Crew

OTTAWA, Canada, January 20, 2020

We have some exciting news to share...Soshal is getting a sibling! Introducing Craft&Crew, the new independent digital experience design agency operating as part of the Soshal Group Inc. (SGI) family.

Craft&Crew's goal is to create better experiences for the world’s largest digital brands, products, and services by being the most people-centric agency of its time. The services offered by the new agency include consumer and market research, user persona development and journey mapping, product and service strategy, brand development, and digital product design.

Like Soshal, Craft&Crew is based in Ottawa, Canada where it works for a roster of local, national, and global clients that include Colliers International, Rakuten Kobo,, SurveyMonkey, and TD Canada Trust.

Who is leading Craft&Crew?

Craft&Crew is lead by CEO, Dave Hale, and President & Chief Creative Officer, Chad MacDonald, who make up two out of the three partners at Craft&Crew parent company, SGI. SGI partner, Phil Sonea, is the CEO of SGI Ventures, which oversees the company’s strategic investments and R&D initiatives.

Why is this happening?

“Over the last two years, we have had this ongoing struggle internally to try and integrate the vision, culture, teams, and unique client needs of two very different parts of our agency, the marketing & media side and the digital experience design side,” explains Hale. “We knew it was time to take an honest look at the business and realized we were running two very different agencies under the Soshal umbrella. In order for either side to reach its full potential, a break up was necessary. Now there is an incredibly exciting opportunity for both agencies, and the teams who work in them, to execute with laser focus on the clients, services, and processes that make the most sense for each offering.”

What's happening with Soshal?

With the digital experience design agency no longer integrated into the marketing and media services side of our business, Soshal has repositioned as “The Agency for Modern Marketers.” where we will focus our energy on marketing and communications strategy, media planning and management, creative direction and production, and performance management. Dave and Chad will continue to provide executive leadership at Soshal and a new management team will be announced in the near future.

How is Craft&Crew "becoming the most people-centric agency of its time" and is this philosophy shared at Soshal?

Always, in all ways, putting people first is at the core of the Craft&Crew and Soshal way of doing business. Craft&Crew has an underlying mission of fixing, what it calls, a “broken agency model” by creating better experiences for its team and its clients - something we have championed at Soshal from day one. Our agencies are profitable without relying on overtime, employ people who are paid fairly and equitably, maintains an average client satisfaction score over 93%, and puts people (not politics) at the centre of our work.

Thank you to everyone who has played a role in helping our business grow and evolve over the last (almost) ten years!

- Dave, Phil, and Chad