SurveyMonkey, one of tech's most beloved companies (and everyone's favourite survey animal), was undergoing a global rebrand and needed help implementing the rollout for their wide range of products and marketing properties. Requiring close collaboration with an agency to ensure proper application of the brand as it shifted and developed, SurveyMonkey partnered with Soshal to design new websites for products like SurveyMonkey Apply and Wufoo and produce creative for its advertising campaigns.

The work has been excellent and the people are okay, I guess! ;)

— Sun Lee - Vice President, Brand Experience, SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey Apply website

Our first task was to produce a marketing website for the Canadian-born SurveyMonkey Apply product that aligned with the new SurveyMonkey brand. We started with a strategy session to map out adjustments to the information architecture and functional requirements of the site, followed by a collaborative effort with the marketing team to structure their content during an intensive wire-framing phase.

Producing high fidelity wireframes with real content was critical to the success of the project.

Visual Design

During design, we integrated our teams together with shared Slack channels and weekly calls to ensure everything was moving in tandem with the rebranding efforts. We needed to make sure that the new energetic direction of SurveyMonkey was shining through while maintaining the voice and tone that was specific to the SurveyMonkey Apply product audience.

Can you bring a fun, bright, and energetic visual brand to the world of application and grant management? We think so...

Custom Illustrations

We created a set of custom illustrations to support feature copy, adding extra visual attention and interest to pages and allowing SurveyMonkey Apply to have a unique look and feel.

SurveyMonkey Audience creative

The success of the SurveyMonkey Apply website led to even further collaboration with the SurveyMonkey team outside of Canada. Next up? Working with the SurveyMonkey Audience team from Portland on various product marketing initiatives.

6 second video bumper

Wufoo CMS

Most recently, we've been helping the Wufoo team rebuild their content management system. While not yet ready for a full redesign, the existing Wufoo site was not flexible enough to meed the needs of the product marketing team. We helped rebuild their existing site (with some minor design enhancements) on a more flexible, modular Wordpress install.

Making amazing happen

We are enjoying an ever-growing relationship with SurveyMonkey where we continue to assist with design, development, and marketing support for their growing suite of products. Stay tuned for more...


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