With over 240 million visits each year, is the most popular and most trusted real estate website in Canada for people in the process of actively buying a home. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) identified the need to increase mindshare amongst Canadians who are not aware of how can help before they are ready to buy.

The Journey, our campaign to engage prospective first-time homebuyers, exceeded targets by 219%.


Soshal's creative and media teams were tasked with developing a campaign that fits the journey of a first-time home buyer, ultimately driving a 4.0 Engagement Score on and connections with REALTORS® in seven regions across Canada.

Engagement Score

The Engagement Score is a custom weighted metric created by Soshal that calculates the attribution for how many features and resources a user must interact with before converting. The score includes phone calls and emails to REALTORS®, public sharing of listings, virtual tours of homes, creating a account, property detail views, property comparisons, and calculator use.

The higher the score, the more likely someone is to engage with a REALTOR® or perform other high-value interactions.


Soshal produced a phased-campaign that targets first-time homebuyers at different stages of their home buying journey;

First, we targeted Canadian renters who have not yet decided to buy, providing them with relevant content resources to help them start thinking about purchasing a home through digital display ads.

Next, during the "research and exploration phase" of their journey, we familiarized them with by encouraging account sign-ups, property searches, and direct REALTOR® contacts by leveraging display, search, and remarketing.

Finally, while actively searching and comparing properties, we encouraged first-time homebuyers to browse additional listings that matched their search criteria through additional remarketing and search efforts.

Over six months, The Journey Campaign generated over 27 million impressions, 900k conversions on, and an Engagement Score of 8.76...exceeding our target by 219%.