Ottawa Fury FC

Part of the Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group, Ottawa Fury FC is our city's first professional soccer club. The Fury play at Lansdowne Park's TD Place as part of the North American Soccer League and ended the 2015/16 season in 2nd position overall.

Since partnering with the Fury in 2016, game attendance is up 28% year-over-year.

Soshal is reimagining what an agency partner looks like. There is no bullshit here, just an obsession with driving performance for us.

— John Mathers, VP Ticket Sales & Marketing, Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group

If you've ever attended a Fury match, you'll know that the experience is exceptional. The product itself is great (the action on the field) but what you'll remember most is the atmosphere of Lansdowne Park, the excitement of TD Place, and the energy of the fans.

Our goal was to capture this energy.

Our strategy began to take shape around a simple insight; Fury fans are regular people. They are families looking for entertainment, young couples on their first date, and groups of employees and friends connecting after work. We spent the winter developing these personas and speaking with the people of Ottawa to better understand their experiences, motivations, and to engage in a conversation about the brand.

"We're not going to compete with hockey and football, we're going to compete with restaurants and Netflix."

- Dave Hale, Soshal

We used Netflix' rebrand as a source of inspiration to deliver a flexible design system that would allow our partners to construct new material with efficiency and precision. We assembled clear guidelines and working toolsets to empower their team to execute against the creative vision.

Respect your competition.

We believe that great creative can be executed by our clients at scale, without relying on their agency for day-to-day production execution. This approach drives down their costs, time to market, and increases their performance capacity as an organization.

The stage was set to kick off the new season with one hell of a performance. At the Fury home opener, we directed and produced the campaign video (featured above) and shortly after launched a digital media campaign, targeting our personas.

Campaign performance: 470% ROI, improving daily.

Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group have now asked us to embark on a new, ambitious assignment. Stay tuned.


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