Clover Leaf Seafoods

Clover Leaf was launching a new product line, Toppers, and required a well-crafted launch campaign to ensure a positive reception. The key to success would be to incentivize an initial sample of the product to demonstrate its value and taste.

We built a customer acquisition system that exceeded Clover Leaf's targets by over 300%.


We proposed crafting a secure process for the customer to access the coupon while having their information captured in the marketing database. After investigating different platform and delivery options we determined that there wasn’t an existing system that would effectively meet the client’s needs.

We custom-built a real time coupon redemption tracking system specifically for this campaign.

The campaign was delivered across a variety of channels, including Google Search and Display, Facebook, Twitter, and leveraged re-marketing. Upon clicking, the user was directed to a channel-specific landing page including media and product information to drive interest. Downloading the coupon required providing relevant data for the marketing database, with a double opt-in process (in adherence to CASL).

Our system prevented duplication and fraud through email verification as well as a unique identifier for the coupon with encoded data, allowing for extremely detailed click-to-customer insight and enhanced media optimization.

The campaign and system produced 300% more coupon downloads than our client's already ambitious goal. Our ad click-to-conversion rate (with three distinct steps) was an impressive 34%, and a total of 12,497 new users were added to Clover Leaf's marketing automation system.


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