We learn something from every project we take on at Soshal. In our blog, we hope to share those learnings as a means to contribute value to our community, our team, and our clients. This is where we share some of that behind-the-scenes insight, give you been-there-done-that tips, and sometimes tell you how not to do it.

Why We've Embraced Modular Design.

Modular design. It's a concept that we've been applying to our website design process for a couple of years now. Ultimately, it makes a lot of sense, from several different perspectives.

Google Increased Its Snippet Length - What Does That Mean For SEO?

Early December, Google officially came out with the news to Search Engine Land and confirmed that the search results snippets were extended from 160 characters to a new maximum of 320 characters. Now, we all wonder: How does that affect our SEO strategy?

Typographic Trends of 2017: What's Next?

95 percent of information on the web is in the form of written language - typography is the visual vessel that carries your message. With 2017 nearing its end, here are the most popular typography trends and font styles of the year so far, and what they mean for 2018.

Need a Change at Work? (Or, “How Having to Get Dressed Got Me a New Job.”)

New skills and knowledge can take you down paths you didn’t even know existed. That was the case for me when, several years ago, I enrolled in a course to help grow my business -- and ended up with a whole new career path.

Three SEO Basics to Keep in Mind for Your New Website

Your new business idea needs a website to show its face to the world. You’ve done your homework and already given domain names, hosting options, and design a bit of thought which is great. But what about search engine optimisation?