We learn something from every project we take on at Soshal. In our blog, we hope to share those learnings as a means to contribute value to our community, our team, and our clients. This is where we share some of that behind-the-scenes insight, give you been-there-done-that tips, and sometimes tell you how not to do it.

Need a Change at Work? (Or, “How Having to Get Dressed Got Me a New Job.”)

New skills and knowledge can take you down paths you didn’t even know existed. That was the case for me when, several years ago, I enrolled in a course to help grow my business -- and ended up with a whole new career path.

Three SEO Basics to Keep in Mind for Your New Website

Your new business idea needs a website to show its face to the world. You’ve done your homework and already given domain names, hosting options, and design a bit of thought which is great. But what about search engine optimisation?