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Brand or Bust

Wealthsimple’s Design Director, Tom Creighton, on aligning your brand, product and marketing from day 1

What do design sprints, dates with coworkers and tacos have in common?

Interview with FreshBooks UX Designer, Eric Puigmarti

How to survive complex sales cycles as a startup

We interview the CEO of EssayJack, Dr. Lindy Ledohowski.

Vicki Saunders on raising a billion dollars of venture capital for female entrepreneurs

In this episode of the Journey Map podcast, we sat down with Vicki Saunders to talk about the current state of venture capital and her Radical Crowdfunding model.

Selling SaaS to giant enterprise clients, with Aaron Carr

In this episode of the Journey Map Podcast, we talk about how to sell a SaaS product to enterprise clients, getting them to pay for your iterations, and Montreal’s Taco Renaissance.

On gender equality: Taking the 50/50 Pledge

Is it really that difficult to find female speakers or is it just an excuse that event organizers use to not try a little harder?

Why your process is failing

Process. It’s a word, when misunderstood or misused, can sometimes be scary. I have witnessed others, and have been guilty myself, of spending countless amounts of time trying to create the perfect process.

Designing Fintech

A look at the transformative power of design and how it has helped FinTech startups like WealthSimple and RobinHood compete against traditional financial institutions.

The Agency CEO Hierarchy of Needs

I believe that services company CEOs should drive their business development efforts through a hierarchy of needs that begins with cash flow and works up to project scoring. At each stage, you are creating value for different stakeholders you serve.